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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I didn't think it was emotionally powerful at all. It was just Londo going out with a wimper. Atleast if they hadn't spoiled it I could have been surprised, and it would have had that going for it. Spoiling it was definately bad writing, and the idea itself was stupid. If I'm being very fair, it was well written for what it was. The idea was so bad that I don't think it could be written any better, since the core idea was so stupid. That said, its all opinion. I didn't like it, and not because Londo's fate was bad. I didn't need him to have a happy ending, even though he's my favorite character. I just wish it wasn't a really stupid ending.

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The Fall of Centauri Prime - I'm just going to say it right away. I hated this episode. Don't get me wrong, for what it had to do (set in motion the events seen earlier) it wasn't bad, but the overall story of Londo's fate sucks, so this story was still not good. Londo and G'Kar had great performances, especially in their last scene together before Londo becomes a puppet. But, their talent is wasted in such a crappy plot. Having a short Londo montage at the end felt like a kick in the face, and a borderline taunting of Londo's fans by JMS. This whole Londo fate plot has been bad from the beginning, from the spoilers to the very idea. Its easily the worst plot in B5, and the stupidest character stuff. The fact that Londo is my favorite character makes it even worse. JMS couldn't have written a worse plot for Londo if he tried.
I think that's the sole reason you don't like the plot. And that's why it's "bad."

It's a great story. It's a tragic story. The Londo we met in Season One would NEVER have done something like this, for the greater good. One of the reasons its great is because it IS tragic. Star Trek would never have gone there. Everyone lives happily ever after. Except for Tasha.

Londo's story is deeply moving. I'm sorry you think it's bad. But it's not. It's just not. You don't like it because you think your favorite characters have to win all the time. That's not life. That's not good fiction.
You know, I think you're being exactly what you accuse me of being. You like Londo's plot, so you think that automatically makes it great. It doesn't. Its all subjective. Londo ended up being controlled by a space bug because the shadows allies are more powerful then the shadows themselves. It was just bad, atleast to me. Just because you disagree doesn't make you anymore right than I am. Everything I say is my opinion. I'm not saying you have to agree with me, or that my opinion is THE opinion. To me, it was horrible, and its not good just because you think it is, or because you think I need characters to always have a hapopy ending, which I don't. Sure, I prefer it, and I'm not a huge fan of tragic endings anyway, but it can be done well. JMS did not do it well in my opinion. I'm not trying to say you are wrong, because unlike some people I don't do that. To me, its horrible writing. Just because you don't agree doesn't make you objectively right in saying this was good writing.
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