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Re: In A Mirror, Darkly: Best cold open ever?

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Although since I'm not a big fan of the MU, it's one corner of Trek lit I'm not too familiar with.
Well I sure am and I highly recommend Glass Empires to all Trek fans, especially TOS and Ent fans. The Spock story, which picks up just at the end of the original TOS episode is not only one of the best Trek stories I have ever read, it is among the best Sci-Fi stories I'v ever read. Mike Sussman's Ent Mirror sequel is also great.

To anyhone who would like to know what happened to Empress Sato after she approached Earth in the Defiant, or to anyone who wondered what happened to Spock after choking out Kirk in Mirror Mirror, get this book.
Thanks for the rec, I have this book but haven't read it yet!

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