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Re: TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Dea

Posted by D. Destiny:
Posted by Mogh:
^ What, humble pie from all the people who called us liars?

*high fives J.*
This is annoying. Sorry, but you can't possibly be surprised that people are questioning what TU's doing, especially with the piss-poor PR they've sported. And I might add that gloating "see we told you so" over an article that quite frankly doesn't proof much of TU's claims at all, and infact discredits the "we're talking to Paramount", isn't exactly good PR either.

After having Tim call anyone disagreeing with TU's efforts "bashers" I'm wondering if the TU staff haven't forgotten the difference between bashing/slander/libel (sp?) and simple criticism.

Congrats on the accomplishments, seriously, but get the PR fixed and I'm sure many people would still like an explanation why Paramount's letter wasn't released and why TU claimed to be in secret talks with Paramount. As the article says, an idea by a TU/Canadian representive was pitched and the Paramount employee said that they'd "look at it". That doesn't constitute "talks" as far as I'm concerned.

So, keyword of the day: PR, PR, PR, PR.

and sure, go ahead and file this away under "senseless TU bashing becuase X doesn't like ENT"

Allow me to dispel a few myths:

- Everyone who does not support TrekUnited is not a "basher"

- TrekUnited clearly does not represent 100% of Trek fans

- I do take criticism, because there's plenty to take. We're not professionals. We ARE amateurs. And we're doing the bloody best we can. So dole it out please, because we have a long learning curve to follow.

And to be honest- I think after the crap we've had to take- and I mean real crap, not legitimate questions about the campaign, which are good and foster vital debate- you'll forgive me for putting a bit of levity in some of my comments.

Also, TU has been in talks for some time. We didn't randomly get a producer to randomly call a top exec. We spent time outlaying our ideas and negoatiating with a number of successively higher individuals before we were permitted to take it to the top levels.
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