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Re: Voyager and MBTI

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You know I read all sorts of hate crap on this BBS about characters I adore and I just sit there like I'm zombied in front of trash television but when people dismiss 7 as nothing but a way of sexing up the show for ratings I am ENRAGED and I have to defend her. I feel very protective of the character.
SAME HERE. Even though Jeri Ryan admits that the purpose of her infamous silver catsuit was to gain more viewers, there was more to Seven than that. She was a genuinely complex, interesting character. That much SHOULD be obvious to anyone who watched the show.
And some of my protectiveness is because of what she's been through. I don't feel I have to protect Janeway. But 7 is vulnerable.
I get annoyed at character bashing in general. It's one thing to dislike a character, but to rant about them and use vulgar, hateful speech is just childish. Besides, I think every Trek character has at least some qualities to like, even if I'm not overly fond of them.
I've got my single pet hate, but I keep out of pet hates forum or even thread when I saw people in the past with the pet hate in their avatar. But yeah, I'm pretty hateful, petty and vulgar

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