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Re: Voyager and MBTI

I'm not sure how the exact types will fit each character, but IMO the following loose labels apply:

- Janeway - E
- Chakotay - I (likes solitude and vision quests)
- Tuvok - definitely an I
- Paris - definitely an E
- The Doctor - definitely an E again
- Neelix - another E
- Seven - an I, but mainly due to Borg programming. Her natural personality may have been an E, if she never was assimilated
- Kes - an I, IMO.
- Kim - an E. Likes to hang out and party a lot, not just with Tom or B'Elanna.
- B'Elanna - an I. Not as outgoing as her husband, and to some extent values privacy/solitude based on fear of not controlling her Klingon-esque temper.
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