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Re: Question about TWOK DE (HD) on iTunes

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"I am truly taken aback?"

I don't know--are you?

at any rate, yes, the additional footage needed for the DE would of course require the entire framing portion surrounding the extended footage.

But as can be seen in the Peter Preston footage---it's mostly one long uncut take---so that 50 second section would be in one piece in one place.
They had the footage in 1985 when they did the ABC cut and in 2002 when the did the DVD DE edition.

It was incompetence (as they claimed in 2009) OR it was simple greed (setting up a double dip) that prevented the DE from being on Blu.

Not the lack of footage.

I don't mind you pointing out that they are alternate takes were used for some of the additions, I just find it lame when folks throw in little comments on which version is better in a thread that isn't about that.

As I said-- every time the subject of the DEs coming to Blu-ray comes up, some folks just can't resist chiming in how the theatricals are better.

I am glad the folks who prefer the theatricals got that version on Blu-ray.

But when those of us who prefer the extended are talking about when it will come and others are trying to constantly point out that we are longing for something that is inferior, that is --- well, lame.

But if you weren't doing that--I'm glad.
I don't see greed, or incompetence for the theatrical cuts for the blus.

TWOK was put through a restoration process, rather that simply doing a transfer of a lousy print.

I suspect, and it would make sense, that the theatrical cuts are on the Blu-Rays simply for consistency of presentation.

Otherwise, they might as why we have X as the DE, while Y is the theatrical cut.
A Paramount Home Video spokesman told Bill Hunt from DIGITALBITS that they were unaware that the DEs were not ready to go for the Blu-ray until it was too late to include both/all versions of the movies..........

That is incompetence.

If they were lying about that and we eventually get the DEs on Blu-ray again....

that is a double-dip.

Either way both versions of TWOk and all 3 versions of TUC and TMP SLV version could have been put on the same discs as the theatricals.

If they were somehow caught unaware that they had a major motion picture coming out and needed to get their act together for a proper timed release--that's imcompetence.

If they were aware and decided NOT to have multiple cuts ready for the release--that's planning for a double dip.

Also don't forget ST 11 was rerady to go for the Nov 2008 release, but they delayed it to be a summer tent-pole.

That 6 month delay would have been ample time to make sure they had the material they needed for doing seamless branching for the releases.

Re-reading your post makes it seem that you are unaware that through seamless braching we could/should have got multiple version in that 2009 release.

This was not a situation where they were deciding to only release the theatricals. I'm for all the versions being available and TMP & TWOk could have had two and TUC could have had all 3. If the fact that TMP DE wasn't ready to go in 1080p format--that seems like a foolish reason to delay the others by what is it now?--- 4+ years.
The Paramount Home Video Spokesperson is not the producer, he's marketing. (S)he's probably dealing with 20 titles at any one time, so not knowing some details says nothing.

The PRODUCERS, and management on that side of things, may have considered things like the DE, but discovered the issue with the VFX being in Standard Def.

If they can't put out the DE, they then decide to go with the theatrical prints.

From there, it would be a pretty quick decision to go with the theatrical release.

That is NOT incompetence, it is a product decision likely based on keeping it all consistent for the package which would be less confusing.

The only incompetence I see evidence for, tenuous at best, is communication within Paramount and CBS (who are producing the disks under license for Paramount, as always), and possibly between marketing and techs. You know, something that happens in any large organisation (that I can absolutely speak to, being in tech support).

Double-dipping? Maybe, if they release extended/directors versions of the movies on Blu-Ray.

And yes, I have read/heard about the encoding issues (excessive DNR and edge enhancement to compensate), which I will judge for myself once I see the set.

Ideally, it would have been nice to include both theatrical and extended versions in the same box set, but they only have so much time and resources, and have to make a return on their investment. Including only the theatrical versions means less manufacturing costs, less authoring work, less encoding work and costs, less lead time from authoring to marketing and release, and a lower dollar amount when buying the product.

And product consistency is very important to a property like Star Trek.

Please, get off your high horse, and stop judging these sets for not being what they were never promised to be.
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