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Worf & Dax’s Descendants in the Episode Children of Time

In the fifth season Children of Time, the Defiant gets stuck in orbit around a planet called Gaia in the Gamma Quadrant. When the crew beams down to meet the planet’s inhabitants below, they meet their own descendants. Their descendants say that when the Defiant tries to leave orbit, it will meet a temporal anomaly and be sent 200 years into the past when they will settle down on the planet.

When we meet the descendant with the Dax host, named Yedrin Dax, he tells Jadzia Dax that her and Worf will get married a couple years after the crash. However, when we see the Klingons on the planet, they do not appear to have any spots. And, when we see the Trills on the planet, they do not have any ridges. You could say in theory that the distinctive Trill and Klingon markings are being “breed out” because there are more Humans than any other race amongst the Defiant crew. You can see that even the Klingons do not have prominent ridges (if any at all) and the Trill do not have as many spots as Jadzia Dax.

What is your theory? Did we just see a bad sampling on the show (i.e. there are lots of people with spots and ridges on the planet, but we didn’t see them on screen)? Did Worf and Jadzia divorce and then have kids with humans? Is it a weird genetic anomaly? Were the ridges and spots “breed out” of Worf and Jadzia’s descendants?
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