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Re: Episodes/Movies You Have No Desire to Revisit...

The test of time is the test that doesn't lie.

1. "Let He Who Is Without Sin" -- Haven't watched it since 1996.

2. "And the Children Shall Lead" -- Seen it once. Ever.

3. "Threshold" -- Watched it in 1996. Watched it again in last year on Netflix out of morbid curiosity. Never again.

4. "When the Bough Breaks" -- Haven't seen this in over 20 years. No need to watch it again.

There are probably others that I should add to this list but I think I could bring myself to sit through them. These four, I'm never going to touch again. Of course "never say never" but, realistically, I doubt it.

The "never say never" is there in case I end up in a situation where I'm showing someone an entire series and they insist on watching every episode. Otherwise, it's not happening.
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