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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Some argued that the toy designers couldn't fit both a motor and the sound chip circuits to play the famous "warble" into the small casing. (BTW, the sound quality is very faint compared to the toy PlayMates released according to numerous purchasers, including me.)
I still have one of those Playmates TOS tricorders. I can still wake up the whole house with that thing even after all these years.
Just to clarify, I was referring to McCoy's little handheld scanner that PlayMates released rather than the tricorder. But you're right, I think the audio circuits to the PlayMates toys are, in general, louder than their Art Asylum counterparts.

Oh, I should mention I was very pleased with the length of the strap included in the AA tricorder. Being of average height, 5 foot 8, the strap make the tricorder hang at the perfect height.

On the other hand, the actor's voices that one can play back with the tricorder are, well, chipmunk pitched, yet the sound effects sound right. Many buyers experienced this. The communicator, thankfully, plays back the voices properly.

Since McCoy's medical tricorder came with the famous Feinberger, an equivalent device is supplied with Spock's science oriented tricorder. It's the little device Daytrom waved over the M5 computer when running diagnostics. I'm sure that prop was used in other episodes, but that's where it can be clearly seen. No sound, but it has an LED that sequences through different colors, very similar to the actual prop. As can be seen in the photo up thread, it's stored in the "bin" at the base of the tricorder.


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