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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Neither.. the TNG franchise literally had no where else to go.
No where else to go ... but UP! Especially considering Nemesis followed a lackluster effort such as Insurrection (a title which was a misnomer btw). It took a special kind of ineptitude to drive away even the most loyal die-hards. Look at the box-office where it made little more than its budget WORLDWIDE! Not even the most staunch Trekkies could not stomach more than one theatrical viewing.

The Insurrection and Nemesis movies were great on their own...
I'm sorry but that is over-the-top revisionism. I know box-office results are not barometers of quality but they do indicate to what level a film connected with audiences and reveals whether a film had "legs" (sustained interest of movie-goers). Nemesis was a box-office gimp. It did worse, far worse than Star Trek V: The Final frontier despite a substantially wider release (about +500 screens).

But they just didnt add anything to the franchise that couldnt be seen on one of the hour episodes.
I agree with that. They didn't, but it's debatable to what extent (if any) that general audiences or fans want change in their "Star Trek." Much of the DS9 criticisms seems centered on folks not wanting any ripples upon the pristine waters of Trek.

...Data making the ultimate sacrifce ...
Sorry, no credit for the "ultimate sacrifice" when Lt. Data has a (introduced within the same film) backup. That wasn't a foreshadowing of Data's impending sacrifice it was a full blown annoncement via mega-phone, "DON"T WORRY, WE'RE GONNA "KILL" LT. DATA BUT AS YOU CAN PLAINLY SEE WE HAVE A SPARE READY TO GO. SO PLEASE ENJOY THIS RIPE-OFF OF "WRATH OF KAHN" (MINUS, OF COURSE, ALL THE ORGANIC ELEMENTS OF DRAMA THAT MADE "WRATH OF KAHN" SO SPECIAL TO BEGIN WITH!)"
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