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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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Like too many people today, you're giving CG far too much credit, and forgetting how much great stuff filmmakers in the past were able to do using miniatures, stop motion, cel animation, live stunt work, and other techniques.
Don't shoot the messenger, hombre. I'd love to see those techniques employed a lot more, but I don't think compositing in a miniature stop-motion Hulk would have produced the kind of ticket purchases CG has.

Christopher wrote:
Keep in mind that the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man relied less on CGI and more on practical stunt work than the Raimi films did.
Uh... no. The main villain was CGI, remember? And the fact that Webb used more stunt work than Raimi doesn't change the fact that he needed modern CG, including a digital map of NYC built in part by the earlier productions, and that he wouldn't have been able to make nearly the same movie around the time Burton made his Bat-flicks.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Green Lantern had CG out the wazoo, but that didn't make it a better movie. Come on, we've known for generations that cutting-edge special effects won't save a movie if the story and characters aren't engaging.
But amigo, that's exactly my point! CG was available to both Marvel and DC for space/earth superhero origin stories in 2011's Thor and Green Lantern, and the critical and financial winner was clear.
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