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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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(it doesn't look like she ever started a family).
She has a son, Scott, who was one of the background kids in Miri, I believe.
I think she has more than one as I vaguely recall her saying that her 'kids' were in Miri but her son Scott is an extra in TMP too - I think he was the Vulcan nurse on the Rec Deck.

The intention was for Grace to be a recurring guest on the Phase 2 series so she appears in some of the promotional shots and she's with the main characters on the Rec Deck. It's a shame they didn't give her another scene outside the transporter room where she got to do something though. I believe the story is that she play-acted a trashy dolled up secretary when he first arrived and he didn't allow her to wear any glamour make-up in her scenes but I still think she looked good for a woman pushing fifty.

I also rather like that the women in TOS were not the glossy replicants we often see on TV today. They can't all have been shagging Gene surely?

In the UK we were not so anally retentive about race relations and I think we showed interracial relationships on TV years before Trek did. It's really hard for us to comprehend just how backwards the USA was in the sixties, especially when you compare it to apartheid in South Africa. I don't think kissing Uhura had the same symbolism over here as it had in the USA... or would have had if they had shown it!
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