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There's been some delay with the cover, so it's not ready yet.

Meanwhile, I've been cleared to announce that my next Trek novel will be a sequel to A Choice of Futures entitled Star Trek: Enterprise -- Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel. That's right -- the buzz for Book 1 has apparently been so strong that I've already been asked for Book 2 (indeed, I got the invitation about a week before I even turned in the manuscript for ACoF!). It's always been my hope that ACoF would be the first of a series, but for the past few months I've had to tiptoe around confirming that it now will be.

Tower of Babel will move the story of the Federation's early years forward into 2164, and the title offers a hint about its subject matter. I can't tease much about it yet, since there's a lot about Book 1 that hasn't even been publicized yet. But it will continue to develop the main story and character threads of Book 1 and will add some new ones, both following up on Enterprise and laying the groundwork for the world of The Original Series, and featuring more exploration of new worlds (at least, new to the characters, and not well-explored in canon or literature to date) than I managed to fit into Book 1. I don't yet know what its publication date will be, but considering that the manuscript due date is about seven and a half months after the previous one, I daresay it'll probably be sometime in early 2014.
Excellent news.I always hoped there would be more novels to continue the Enterprise crews adventures.More space exploration is something I wanted to see featured in the upcoming novels.Also having Character Story threads continued from the previous Romulan war books Is something I'd been hoping for a along time would continue future Enterprise books.
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