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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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That kind of makes me want to read the novelization of broken Bow now. That sounds like a pretty funny way to write a novelization. The book is a bit too expensive (around $9 on amazon for some reason) but, while I don't hate enterprise like some people do, a book novelization of Broken Bow thats written by someone who apparently hated the script sounds awesome. They should do more books like that.
No, no they shouldn't. Or, at least, these books shouldn't be written by people who are supposed to be writing the official novelizations of the shows in question.

What Carey did was unprofessional in the extreme. Going by that and the time, this would go a long way towards explaining why a prolific Trek novelist would suddenly stop producing new novels.
Oh, I'm not saying it was professional. I can just think of some movies that I'd love to see novelizations of in this style. Heck, let an annoyed Diane Carey write the Into Darkness novelization and I would actually pay money for something connected to the horrible JJ verse again.
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