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Re: What kind of fan are you?

i have followed Star Trek since 1968 but never have thought of it in religious terms. I don't collect any of the stuff, for example: no Enterprise models in the house (save for a saucer section circa 1970), no novels (save Spock Must Die!, also 1970), and the last movies or episodes I bought were VHS copies of TSFS and TVH for less than a dollar each at a thrift store (yes, we have a DVD player, but I will never buy a set of the movies that includes TFF, or Nemesis for that matter).

The main sort of fan that I am is the married kind whose spouse has no interest in it (although we did see Generations and First Contact in theaters). However, I've had the La La Land set of original-soundtrack series music for several months now and have been exposing our teenagers to it, mostly in the car, with positive results - they have never seen a modern TV series with such good (melodically, rhythmically, harmonically) music.

I evaluate the various Trek shows and movies on two criteria only:
Is it entertaining?
Is it stupid?
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