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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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I like the fact they still had issues with the game, like the fastest speed, and during that someone was sitting around making an ad in the game. That seems like a good idea. haha
Not at all unusual. The person(s) working on that DLC were likely allocated to it long before the game was actually released, and with something as large and complex as a game, you can't always pull someone off of one area to work on another without a productivity penalty. Besides that, most of the issues were due to exceeding the capacity of the servers set up for it--simply not a problem the game's programmers and artists are supposed to solve.
Exactly. This is a common fallacy amongst gamers: "spending resources on this thing when there's these other glaring issues is stupid!"

Employees at game studios are highly specialized. You have level designers, artists, content designers, engineers, qa reps, etc. Some companies, like most MMO teams, specialize even further, like the difference between a quest designer, encounter designer, and world builder, all ostensibly content designers. And that's not even going into support teams, like marketing, CS (such as myself), analysts, server techs, and so on and so forth.

A content designer and an artist working on a building, however crass, does not mean that resources were taken away from server stability. I'm sure that they have almost all of their server techs working to get their servers as stable as possible, but an artist and a designer won't be able to contribute diddly to it.

That said, the building is rather blatant, and let's not even get into the fact that a Simcity game shouldn't even have to worry about server stability.
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