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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

Every Starfleet captain knew that when they were out among the seas of stars, they would face perils and untold horrors that would mean the death of them and their crew. The 20th anniversery of the Battle of Wolf 359 would take on a new meaning. When the Nebula-class USS Talfard detected transwarp signatures in the vicinity of Wolf 359, they knew the Borg were about to retaliate for the destruction of their transwarp hub. What they did not know was that the Borg had prepared a special surprise for the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quandrants. When the captain of the Talfard saw the enormous Fusion Cube, he knew their final moments had arrived.

Felt a little drained so put this together. If anyone doesn't know, the Fusion Cube is 8 standard Borg cubes fused together to make a larger and more deadly vessel. It was first introduced in the Armada series and since then has been ported to games such as Legacy and Bridge Commander.

The base mesh is my outdated Borg Cube from 2 years ago. The Nebula belongs to Dave Metlesits.
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