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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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We should also remember that faulting the game for having some graphics about a year out of date isn't their fault. The game is a tie-in to the movie, and the movie was supposed to/could have been released 6 months to a year ago.
I think there's a better explanation for the graphics: the Asian market. Gamasutra recently posted a bunch of hardware statistics from Unity (a game engine provider) that point to 48% of the PC market using Windows XP, mostly in Asia. This game, like STID, seems to be aiming for a more international market and using tech that would alienate such a big chunk of gamers in a market would be a bad idea. However, that means the developers can't use newer versions of DirectX, limiting what they can do with the graphics.
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