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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

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Trouble is she's playsed that character a few times now, in stargate, in The Mentalist, in V...
Never saw The Mentalist, but I never found Stargate's Adria to be that much like Anna. I guess there were some similarities -- they were both villains passing themselves off as benevolent -- but Adria's assumed persona was more of an ingenue while Anna's was more of a matriarch. And somehow Baccarin just did a much better job of acting on V. Her acting never impressed me much on Firefly or Stargate, but she knocked it out of the park as Anna, just an amazing improvement. So I see Anna as a whole other category from anything she did before then.

By the way I may be being unfair to her re V as I've only just started watching it so I'm only half a dozen eps in so far so it may be she becomes less obviously EEEvvvvilll soon...
The V remake is an awful, ghastly, soulless show, but Baccarin absolutely shines in it. She's the villain, but she's the only character in the whole misbegotten mess that I found at all sympathetic.
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