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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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I don't mean "decent" in that sense, like a "decent Human being," I mean "decent" like well thought out.
They were well thought out.

And if Bane didn't understand why Ras was doing what he did or what motivated him, that makes him pretty lame.
You seem to be going around in circles now. First the problem is Ra's, now the problem is Bane. Ra's was motivated to destroy Gotham, Bane wanted to destroy Gotham. Ra's wasn't more sympathetic than Bane or else he wouldn't have been treated as the villain.

I am not going around in circles. Ras wanted to destroy Gotham BECAUSE IT WAS UTTERLY CORRUPT(and overrun by crime). By the time Bane came around, that was no longer the case. The city was largely "fixed" and was at peace, so the original motivation no longer makes sense. I cannot make this any clearer.
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