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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

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Tough roles to fill will be Avon and Servalan.
I could see Alex Kingston as Servalan, but who could be Avon.
The only person I've seen lately who I've got an Avon vibe from is actually Peter Dinklage.

Kingston might actually be too good a fit as Servalan, if that makes sense, as would Baccarin.

Left field suggestion from me would be Amy Acker. I'd ignore the camp/glam side (Because even Kingston can't quite do it like Jacqui) and focus on the manipulative side, and Acker's a good enough actress to convince as a doe eyed innocent who flips into a cold hearted killer at a moment's notice, then smiles sweetly as she stabs you in the back.

I hope they keep Blake as a fantatic...
Amy Acker could be an intresting Servalan, but, one of the best things about Servalan played by Jacqueline Pearce was the sweet side. There was a slight underlying "phony" quality to it. I think Anna from "V" played by Baccarain was an absolutely perfect rendition of Servalan.

Amy Acker, from what I've seen might play the sweet side too convincingly, which may not be a bad thing, but, it would be different.

Avon, yea, he's gonna be a tough character to find the right actor delivery for, and so much of the original Blake's 7 depended upon Darrow's delivery
But in some respects that might work better, I agree that there was always a phony quality to Baccarain as Anna especially, I think I'd like to see a Servalan who was, to an extent, like Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle. I thought she was the best thing about the third Bats film, and loved the way she manipulated everyone around her by going from weak and feeble maid to arse kicking criminal and then back to doe eyed damsel (the bit where she runs out of the bar is superb)

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I don't think I ever realized it before, but Baccarin's Anna from the V remake was a very Servalan-like character. And since Anna was the only non-awful thing about that show, it might be nice to see her do the same thing in the context of a better series.

Still, the similarity strikes me as a reason not to cast Baccarin in the role, or at least a reason why she might not agree if it were offered. It would be redoing something she's already done, and she might feel that didn't sufficiently challenge her or advance her career.
Trouble is she's playsed that character a few times now, in stargate, in The Mentalist, in she might well do it again, I just think it would make Servalan a generic villain, and one thing Servalan should never be is generic.

By the way I may be being unfair to her re V as I've only just started watching it so I'm only half a dozen eps in so far so it may be she becomes less obviously EEEvvvvilll soon...

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If they 'get' what makes Blakes 7 so great they might be onto something, but somehow I doubt they will. Forget the setting, forget the Federation or the rebellion, forget even Liberator, Zen and Orac, at its heart Blakes 7 was about a bunch of people, most of whom weren't especially noble, and most of whom, at best, respected each other and at worse down right loathed each other, trapped togeather by circumstances, and half the fun stems from the character interactions. Lose that and however good it is, it won't be Blakes 7.

I hope they don't make it too light and fluffy, but similarly if they try to go for NuBSG levels of grittiness I feel it'll fail just as surely.
And I immediately went to Firefly... Seriously sounds very familiar...
There are differences, as has been noted upthread, the crew of the Liberator/Scorpio are more mercenary than Serenity's crew (except maybe Jayne who I've always thought of as Avon if Avon was an idiot--that is meant as compliment btw!) and as far as I recall Whedon claimed not to have ever seen Blakes 7.

the other show often overlooked as being somewhat familiar in tone to B7 is Andromeda (particularly in the early days) with Hunt as Blake, and Tyr as Avon, but then I tend to see Blakes 7 elements in the most unlikely places (resists urge to revisit my 2nd Season Voyager is Blakes 7 theory...)
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