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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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Because DC is owned by Warner Brothers and has zero say in what movies of their properties get made. Warner Brothers is a movie studio, not a "make DC comics into movies" studio. To them, the comic book movies are a small part of their overall movie business, whereas Marvel Studios was created to do nothing more than make movies of Marvel comic books. It sucks, but that's just the way it is.
I wonder why WB can't give DC their own studio, sure that is expensive, but considering how much money Marvel studios has made for Disney, it might be a good investment.

Disney payed 4 billion dollars for Marvel and that investment seems to have payed off. It just seems Disney/Marvel are more willing to take risks, while DC/WB are just playing catch up, that is why a lot of the Green Lantern film feels like a poor man's Iron Man and why WB is only making an JLA movie now, after Avengers made a billion dollars at the box office.
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