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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

Matt Smith doing an impressive stunt!

Dialog overheard

I love the paparazzi "conversation"

Pap 1: Thing is, I f***ing hate Doctor Who. F***ing rubbish.
Wouldn’t f***ing watch it if you f***ing paid me.
Pap 2: The bird’s nice looking though.
Pap1: Yeah. (Pointing at smiley guard) He’s a funny c*** inne.
Pap 2: Yeah, weird c***.
Pap 1: (Addressing smiley guard) Oi! You shouldn’t let this lot in here
(indicates public). Should just be paps.
Smiley guard: (Smiling) Well, your photos aren’t gonna be worth nothing once this lot have put theirs up on Twitter. (Wanders off smiling).

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