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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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Good to see Kate Stewart is returning but I still wish it could have been The Brig.

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Of course, as I've said elsewhere, Matt Smith said to Jonathan Ross, when asked to describe this story in one word, 'pictures.' That could mean we'll see pictures of the older Doctors. But I can't help wondering if there'll be some sort of Dorian Gray aspect to the story. Portraits, probably holographic, of the earlier Doctors in the TARDIS, which age, even as the incumbent remains young and vital. Could this be a way of having Tom, Peter and Colin back on board?
I like that idea a lot.
Thank you. I'm sure it's hopelessly wild of the mark but I hope that it has some accuracy to it.

The story doesn't seem to be the most detailed, nor is it entirely clear when he made these quotes, so I'm not letting it dash my hopes. Anyway, wasn't it only a few weeks ago that Billie Piper was saying she hadn't been asked?
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