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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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That's what makes the "Lost Ship" thing unsustainable and uninteresting after a while. TOS was going to do the same "Lost Ship" thing until Roddenberry realized it wouldn't work.
Whatever the virtues of the premise, this part simply isn't true. The original show was never going to end up "lost in space."
Probably not so much "lost" as "so deep into uncharted territory, they don't have a convenient connection to back home".
In that regard, it wasn't necessary to strand them in the Delta Quadrant. Space is big. Even a distant border of Federation space--a mere year or two away from Earth at maximum warp perhaps--would have been sufficient. Out on the border, there still would have been opportunity for the ship to encounter new aliens and be far from Earth. They'd be close enough to communicate with Starfleet and hear things that are going on back home (such as the Dominion War), but they'd still be too far away to go back there in a timely fashion.
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Although the original never went back to Earth, as early as Roddenberry's 1964 pitch document the Enterprise's mission included providing assistance to established Earth colonies.
But the point is that Roddenberry realized that a show that has a hook and a reason for everything that happens (Missions for the Federation) was better than a show where there is no external environment or reasons for things that happen.
Agreed. An exploration mission was just a reason why the Enterprise was out there, but the ship really did many other kinds of missions for its country along the way. Such missions sometimes brought the Enterprise to a Federation starbase, colony, or member world where we saw other aspects of Federation society and where other kinds of stories (non-alien of the week) can be told. This was true for TNG as much as it was for TOS, IMO.
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