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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Your turn Hartzilla2007, please explain to me how using a biological weapon against the ruling species of the Dominion is bad, while it's (seemingly) perfectly okay to throw chunks of antimatter at their slaves?
If we Ignore the fact that genocide is wrong not ifs ands or buts and isn't anywhere near waging a conventional war against soliders, then we have becuase it didn't actually help at all, and probably would have blown up in the federation.

Want to know why it wouldn't have helped BECUASE THE WAR WAS F@#KING OVER by the point Odo offered the cure so all he did was stop one battle which probably wouldn't have even been about to happen if the Founder leading their forces wasn't half nuts from dying and as such would have been thinking about self preservation instead of going out in the blaze of glory.

R. Star wrote: View Post
Why wouldn't the Son'a just take their particles and tell the federation to suck it?
The context I got is the collector's gonna be over that planet gathering particles for this stuff indefinitely, applying them to scientific purposes once gathered. If they tell the Feds to "suck it" as you oh so eloquently suggest, they lose their supply.
No it basically came off as a one and done, no indefinite collection at all, what with the rings breaking up in the simulations and Ru'afo thinking he can go through with it, murder all the witnesses and be gone before the federation knew what had happened.

That plan kind of falls apart if he had to stay in the area a long while seeing as the federation would likely send someone to check on Dougherty after Riker got done talking with the federation council especially after the Son'a shot at them on the way to do that.

sonak wrote: View Post
supplying one side with drugs while offering to supply the other side with medical technology is pretty much THE definition of neutral. The Son'a were in it for themselves. Picard's actions helped push the Son'a into being actual allies of the Dominion.
It sounds to me more like the Son'a only talked to the feds so they wouldn't wonder why a Dominion supplier and thus possible ally who uses illegal WMDs and conquers people is poking around a nice place to put a secret base that could be used to attack federation planets and is ominously orbiting over a possibly pre-warp civilization with a big scary thing which may or may not look like its killing everyone on the planet depending on if they turned it on yet or not and led the feds to pulling a Kirk on their asses.
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