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Of course it'd be funny if you did Omega before Traynor's game night, have her in your cabin, lamenting not have real chess pieces, all the while that thing is sat right there within arms reach.

That would be amusing. From memory I'm not sure how the sequencing works out but I'd imagine that you CAN actually do that. I think Omega opens up after the Citadel coup attempt by Cerberus. Although Traynor's 'game night' email is before that (or around the same time) you obviously don't have to take her up on it straight away.

Just started my ME3 leg of my trilogy play through so I might give that a go!

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My fear is that they'll feel pressured to one-up the Reapers and introduce a new threat to galactic civilisation, when it would be best to focus on a smaller threat such as Batarian terrorists, or something like that.
Based on what they've said so far, what little they've said so far, I don't see them trying to go bigger. Trying to do so would IMO, be a mistake. It would be like the ME version of Babylon 5 and the failed Legend of the Rangers series - "What, we've beaten the ancient powerful enemy, the Shadows, but there's someone even MORE ancient and powerful out there?" - Erm, no.

Actually, my biggest fear is that they'll set the game post-ME3 and choose synthesis as the canonical ending.
Never happen. Although Synthesis might have started out as Mac & Casey's pet ending, the level of resentment towards it from the fandom has rendered it all but impractical. If they go with any canon ending to ME3 then it'll almost certainly be destroy. In every poll I've ever seen around the ending more people opted for destroy than all the other endings combined. They could try and go against the grain and pick the unpopular choice, but seriously, given the sh1tstorm that the game's endings have stirred up since release, I don't think they'll want to get into that.

What makes it even more disappointing is that they already had a hub area on Omega they could use, they just needed to update it with some damage textures, update the stores, and throw in a few characters with those cheap-o ME3 side missions. I'm reluctant to say that it wouldn't have taken much time as I'm not a game developer and have can't speak with authority on the matter, but surely it wouldn't have involved as much work as building Silversun Strip for Citadel. I wouldn't even have minded too much that it was the same area as ME2 because Afterlife was one of my favourite locations in the ME universe.
I was disappointed that Afterlife was the only bit from Omega that I actually recognized. I'd been irked originally that there was no Omega or Illium hubs in ME3. In fact no hubs at all apart from the Citadel, which was a fraction of the size of the Citadel in ME1.

The whole Omega thing was just so disappointing, especially given the /$ tag. It really doesn't inspire much confidence in the Montreal team, and goes some way to explaining why I'm still far more interested in what Edmonton's new IP will be rather than where ME goes next. Given that the MP side of ME3 was the one area that got near universal praise, and now they've put the development team behind ME3's MP in charge of the next game's SP, then I'd be worried. Especially considering Omega.
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