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Re: Uh-Oh!! Is Microsoft setting up to answer Sony?

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Wouldn't count on it.. the new XBox will sell very well, that's a given and MS might just think "To hell with this loud minority".. who knows.
I don't know that it necessarily will sell well. Sony dominated the previous two generations, now they're fighting with MS over second place worldwide, and are a distant third place in the US. That's partly because of the Wii phenomenon, partly because Sony acted arrogantly and released an expensive console that pushed their hardware agenda, namely the cell processor and blu-ray. If these rumours are true then MS appears to be making the same mistake next gen, they're releasing an expensive console that pushes an always online connection and Kinect. They'll probably do well enough, but they're risking the gains they made with the 360. Meanwhile, Sony appears to have learned from the mistakes of the PS3 and it seems like they're making a console that caters to everyone's wishes. If this all comes to pass, there's every chance that the PS4 will dominate its generation the way the PS1 and PS2 did.
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