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I doubt that I'll continue with ME beyond ME3
I'm open-minded on the next Mass Effect game, but it's not a guaranteed day 1 purchase like the last two games were, I'm taking a wait and see approach. My fear is that they'll feel pressured to one-up the Reapers and introduce a new threat to galactic civilisation, when it would be best to focus on a smaller threat such as Batarian terrorists, or something like that.

Actually, my biggest fear is that they'll set the game post-ME3 and choose synthesis as the canonical ending.

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The best thing LotSB and Citadel had going for them was that they provided "hang out" locations after you finished their stories that you could revisit any time you wished. Slogging through the Omega DLC again the other day I was thinking, why the hell couldn't they let you revisit a reopened Afterlife afterwards? Would that really have been too much to ask? I'd have looked way more favorably on it if that was included. No, we just get some war assets, a few guns I'll probably never use, and a chessboard in our cabin. Whoop-dee-fuckin'-doo.
What makes it even more disappointing is that they already had a hub area on Omega they could use, they just needed to update it with some damage textures, update the stores, and throw in a few characters with those cheap-o ME3 side missions. I'm reluctant to say that it wouldn't have taken much time as I'm not a game developer and have can't speak with authority on the matter, but surely it wouldn't have involved as much work as building Silversun Strip for Citadel. I wouldn't even have minded too much that it was the same area as ME2 because Afterlife was one of my favourite locations in the ME universe.
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