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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

The people who are defiling this thread ought to look into a mirror and shame themselves into silence.

Not for behaving in a way that some find disagreeable, but for being of such a limited perception that they are unable to rise above their own crude mediocrity for 10 minutes in a memorial thread for someone who actually was someone.

Roger Ebert's greatest achievement was that he was somebody. That is a claim that not many, if any, in this thread can make.

By comparison to the man, we are nobodies. If you can't respect that, or try and wriggle around it, then you're simply a coward.

His work elevated him above most people on the planet. He stood out, stood up and when he spoke, people listened. He added something to the world. A sizable portion of the planet knew who he was, had read his writing and had an appreciation for his work.

Millions of people judged the man's work to be worthy of their time. This is something that, once again, most of us cannot honestly claim.

On many evenings I spent 30 minutes to an hour just browsing and reading his reviews of movies I hadn't even seen, just because they were thoughtful and interesting pieces of writing.

Even when I disagreed with him, I read his writing because his arguments were informed and his opinion always totally respectable. He once stated after the release of the computer game BioShock that "games would never be art"... a view I respected because I granted that his complex understanding of the subject was greater than my own, even if I disagreed with it from my own distant vantage point.

I could go on, but I'd be repeating myself.

The ones who came here not to remember but to stir... I can honestly say your perspectives are so narrow that I pity you. Your ambitions so limited that I wouldn't want to be you. You live and breath what the rest of us cast aside and seem to thirst for more at the end.

You wallow in mediocrity and will never change.

We'll all join Ebert one day. Few of us, if any, will leave behind such a legacy as he did.

RIP Roger Ebert.
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