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Re: Paul McGann special year possible?

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But, yeah, I agree the way the DW specials were aired was kind of sloppy. Planet of the Dead in April, then nothing until November. I'd have had the specials spaced a lot more even. Say one in spring, another in summer, another in fall, and then the Christmas special.
Yeah and they're not linked together. I don't know how viable it would have been but I'd have scaled them back to 45 minutes and tried to squeeze a third one in the middle, there's really no reason why either ep is an hour long, both are v padded. I'd have had Cristina go with the Doctor at the end of PotD, but then I'd have had something bad happen to her in the new middle episode, which then leads into WoM and gives added impetus to the whole Timelord Victorious malarky.
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