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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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Ship of the Line was fine. I am siding with Carey, Enterprise deserves all the criticism it can get.
Here are my issues with Ship of the Line.

The base of the book is from a 30 seconds scene in one episode and she got pretty much every detail wrong. In the episode Bates is sitting in his chair calm, cool and collected with 2 female crew members in site. In the book the Bozeman entered the time loop because they were in a pitched battle with Klingons, I think some bridge crew was killed but not positive and it's an all male crew. I can forgive mistakes but I don't know how you can make a mistake this big a mistake unless you've got a story in mind and damn the facts.

The other thing is Kirk is treated as such a god like figure and Picard is such a slouch that the mere presence of a hologram of Kirk talking to him is enough to make Picard think that maybe he could be a good captain after all. I just didn't believe anything Picard said in the book was actually said by Picard. And the resolution was totally unbelievable to me.

My least favorite ST book of all time. Red Sector is way down there as well.
She also blows the big moment between Madred and Picard because she seems to think that The Best of Both Worlds occurs after Chain of Command and thus their conversation makes no sense (in part).
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