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Re: Bates Motel seemed like it's going 2 suck, & then it didn't.(Spoil

Norma, Norma, Norma. You should have called the police when Sommers raped you. I want to feel bad for her because she is a victim, but she shouldn't have involved her child in the cover up, hotel or no hotel.

Dylan--to think I bitched and moaned about a brother being added to the story. It's genius. They've cast this series so incredibly well. The three family members are perfect. Dylan gives a damn after all.

I didn't expect Norman to sleep with Bradley since in the original he turned on the women whenever he became sexually excited by them. Of course, Norman isn't "mother" yet. Poor little Bradley. She is so dead. Of course this gives a tantalizing hint that a normal life is still possible for Norman. All the more tragic to snatch away from him.

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