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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

add me to the camp that thinks Abrams is overrated. He seems to love twists for the sake of them and doesn't care about developing a story I.e. Alias, lost. In fact lost was one of the worst things to happen to tv. It unfortunately ushered in an era of an overreliance on flashbacks, non linear storytelling, overly large casts, convoluted mythologies, breakneck pacing, a need for podcasts and q&a to clarify poor editing and sloppy writing, dragging out answers that never come or are unsatisfying, character deaths meant to shock but come off as predictable and lame. Now all sff wants to do is emulate this flawed format as evidenced by the endless failures we see every season from v, invasion, the event, game of thrones, persons unknown, caprica, flash forward etc. And it isn't just him but the writers he staffs. Orci, kurtzman, pinkner, Wyman, lindelof, cuse,,,they may be fanboys but they aren't very good writers. Fringe was a poorly cloned x files with bland characters and not very entertaining plotlines. Star trek was a two hour mess-plotholes galore, a one dimensional villain that they covered up with add pacing and lots of FX. Alcatraz, undercovers, person of interest, fringe, alias all crap.

Abrams is what happens when an overgrown fanboy is allowed to take control. But then again maybe he's perfect for the poor tastes of American audiences who eat that kind of crap happily.
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