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Re: We won't be playing games anymore.

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^ I hear you, but if you can't BS something light, interesting and appropriate, you just aren't trying, and that's rudeness.
Rudeness not to produce personal information on demand? That has nothing to do with the job? I disagree. I hate this sort of crap myself.

And I can talk to anybody.
Socially awkward? Memorize a few jokes. During this exercise, you can then say, "ah, yes, 1993, that was the year I heard this awesome joke." And then you tell the joke.
Socially awkward makes it a lot harder to take the risk of making jokes.
Learning to chit-chat is quite simply an essential part of growing up, and a necessary skill in today's white-collar economy.
No one ever learned to chit chat from ice breakers. If you want chit chat give people food and go out of your way to talk to the quiet ones.

I agree it's a necessary skill.

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