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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

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I'm hoping for six humans and Zen, as was broadcast. I hope it's not just a 'dumb' ship and the seventh member is a human.
Nation's idea always included Zen, it's just that neither he nor Blake were counted as part of the Seven.
So it was effectively nine central characters, and sometime during scripting of the original episode four they realised that wasn't going to work, at least for the series budget, resources and episode length they had.
I'm aware of the original backstory and Arco and all that, I just like the idea that there's a computer running the ship that's part of the seven.

Maybe it's a homicidal computer that destroys a whole bunch of pursuit ships in the pilot, and sides with Blake and his crew.

With the whole dead wife thing may actually work really well; a respected family man who loses his wife to a Federation attack or officer (think Gan's original backstory) and it starts to eat away at him. But in trying to bring those responsible to justice he's trumped up on the charges of being the one responsible, further pushing him down a dark spiral of resentment against the Federation.

I guess he would have to have some background as a military man, I can't see civilian Blake leading a rebellion solely because his wife died.
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