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Re: Skippable episodes abound...

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Thanks for your post, Haventgotalife. I see what you mean, although I can never get past my aversion to Ferengi episodes!
Yeah, I don't like them all that much, either. It's nice that I can conceptualize what they are about, however. It's easier to stomach, I mean, after seeing that. It's really a love, me and Deep Space Nine. I think the show was way before its time and it dealt with post-Cold War issues before they showed up in our headlines, American headlines. It seems to me that Star Trek is supposed to age well. Episodes of TNG and TOS still resonate today. DS9 does the same. When I get done watching a show, I just wish there were more episodes. I would've loved to see the show come back to center, forge a peace with the Dominion. That is what we had to do after World War II, the Cold War, every war. That's just as interesting to me as the war was. And it would've made it a better show, I think.
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