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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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However, this is all fixed by TDKR. The Dent Act worked, Gordon's commissioner, corruption and crime are low. So the LOS' plan makes NO SENSE. They're destroying a city that's already been saved! It makes them look like Ras' justification in BB was all just a bunch of b.s., and really he was just leader of a bunch of nihilistic terrorists, but wanted to delude himself into thinking he had a cause.

Oh, and no, the LOS wasn't doing it because the Dent Act was built on a lie. Bane didn't know that until he found Gordon's speech.
I don't think Bane and Talia gave a crap about why Ras was trying to destroy Gotham, just that he was.
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Well, yeah. He was supposed to be a villain, after all.

you can have villains with decent motivations that make sense.
They can't really be decent and still be villains. It makes sense when villains have motivations that are villainous. You're not supposed to buy their justifications in the end. This is not one of those stories.

I don't mean "decent" in that sense, like a "decent Human being," I mean "decent" like well thought out.

And if Bane didn't understand why Ras was doing what he did or what motivated him, that makes him pretty lame.
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