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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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Actually that makes the Federation's involvement in this make even more sense then. Not only will this get us great medical technology which will save lives for the war,
no it won't a fountain of youth is useless in a war as all the de-aging in the world doesn't stop a phaser set on kill or what ever the Dominion uses.

but it takes a potential ally away from the Dominion.
Why wouldn't the Son'a just take their particles and tell the federation to suck it?

As for trading with the neutral S'ona? That actually makes perfect sense. They're neutral
No their not they are providing the Dominion with a necessary component of their war machine how the hell is that being neutral?

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If S31 were undertaking activities that the Federation governing body wouldn't authorize, in order to defend the Federation. What purpose would it serve to approach the Council for permission?
Besides doing it on their own probably being illegal as hell?

supplying one side with drugs while offering to supply the other side with medical technology is pretty much THE definition of neutral. The Son'a were in it for themselves. Picard's actions helped push the Son'a into being actual allies of the Dominion.
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