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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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If S31 were undertaking activities that the Federation governing body wouldn't authorize, in order to defend the Federation. What purpose would it serve to approach the Council for permission?
Besides doing it on their own probably being illegal as hell?
Remember Hartzilla2007, the people of the Federation, through Starfleet, have no access to the Founders themselves. All Starfleet can do is kill and capture their slave proxies. The sickness devised by S31 gave the people of the Federation access to the people who ran the show in the Dominion.

Notice that I said "the people of the Federation," not "the governing body of the Federation." Was what S31 did strictly speaking legal, doubtful. Was what S31 did correct, yes.

Your turn Hartzilla2007, please explain to me how using a biological weapon against the ruling species of the Dominion is bad, while it's (seemingly) perfectly okay to throw chunks of antimatter at their slaves?

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no it won't a fountain of youth is useless in a war as all the de-aging in the world doesn't stop a phaser set on kill or what ever the Dominion uses.
But it would help in the treatment of non-fatal casualties, you'd be able to return them to service faster. Plus, I at least think the primary use for the particles would be in civilian sector for treatments.

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Why wouldn't the Son'a just take their particles and tell the federation to suck it?
The context I got is the collector's gonna be over that planet gathering particles for this stuff indefinitely, applying them to scientific purposes once gathered. If they tell the Feds to "suck it" as you oh so eloquently suggest, they lose their supply.
Think of it like Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi's have tremendous amount of oil under their soil, but they drill no oil wells. They sell drilling rights to others (British, American, Chinese), then when the oil comes out of the ground it belongs to the Saudis, and they sell it to the people who drilled the wells. Those people build pipelines over Saudi territory to the nearest port facility, and the Saudi charge them money to do so. The Saudi tax the port facilities too.

If the Sona tell the Federation to "suck it," they would not have access to the any of particles that belong entirely to the Federation.

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