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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

Why would Netflix or CBS go with Star Trek if it a proven loser on tv?
How may IP brands can become the basis for a top ten box office hit movie? Especially if the one this summer is another top ten hit. There aren't many solid, evergreen brands like Star Trek around. Even lesser brands like Ironside and Charlie's Angels keep getting resurrected.

The main problem is how to make the best use of it on TV, considering that TV has become hostile territory to space opera and the TV business itself is in turmoil (which may represent more of an opportunity than a threat.)

If I were Netflix, I wouldn't go with Star Trek being done by some but something just as good done by someone else who believes in what he's doing.
The reason Netflix or Amazon would want Star Trek is that it's one of the very few brands that can elicit this reaction in potentially millions of people: "Netflix is getting X? Holy shit! I gotta become a Netflix subscriber." Joe Blow Space Opera isn't going to do that, no matter how much he believes in what he's doing.
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