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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

Thrawn wrote: View Post
Ancient Blood is pretty fun though.
It's widely hated, I know, but I rather like it. I especially love the Fighting Sail chapters. If Carey had written Age of Sail fiction, I'd have bought it all avidly.

ronny wrote: View Post
Here are my issues with Ship of the Line.
I agree with all of that.

It has the feel of a rushed novel. I don't know who ran out of time, if Carey had tight deadlines on the book (she was writing three Star Trek novels a year at the time) or if John Ordover didn't give it the editorial love it needed. What I do know is that the book reads to me like it's two passes away from being right.

ronny wrote: View Post
My least favorite ST book of all time. Red Sector is way down there as well.
Red Sector is appalling. Tim Lynch said that it "actively causes brain damage." I don't recognize any of the characters in the book.

Data fights Romulan ninjas. Let that sink in.

Terrible, terrible book that displays contempt for the audience.
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