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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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Here are my issues with Ship of the Line.

The base of the book is from a 30 seconds scene in one episode and she got pretty much every detail wrong. In the episode Bates is sitting in his chair calm, cool and collected with 2 female crew members in site. In the book the Bozeman entered the time loop because they were in a pitched battle with Klingons, I think some bridge crew was killed but not positive and it's an all male crew. I can forgive mistakes but I don't know how you can make a mistake this big a mistake unless you've got a story in mind and damn the facts.

Also, Picard's log entry in "Cause and Effect," repeated multiple times because of the loop, makes it clear that the Typhon Expanse is a frontier region that no Federation vessel has ever charted before, yet Ship of the Line portrays it as a region on the Federation-Klingon border with Federation colonies and a starbase.
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