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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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I'm going to try to inject a topic for discussion. Who do you all consider the best manager in baseball? I'm going to go with Joe Maddon. I don't think there is a guy that gets more out of players than him. While the Yankees and Red Sox spend truck loads of cash on established players the Rays constantly remain competitive in a very tough division.
The impact of a manager upon wins and losses, beyond setting the lineup and making pitching changes, is generally highly overrated. In Tampa Bay's case, their continued success is due to Josh Friedman being a wizard. But Maddon is a pretty solid guy and I have a lot of respect for how open he is to new-ish statistical analysis, as well as his willingness to try crazy shit with the lineup.

Historically, I would say Earl Weaver. Present-day, it would probably come down to Maddon, Ron Roenicke and maybe Bob Melvin.
I can't argue with any of that. Bob Melvin is another solid choice. A lot of it has to do with the atmosphere of the locker room, knowing when to let a guy work through a slump, spreading out playing time, managing rest. People don't know good managing when they see it but they sure as hell can tell when someone is shitting the bed, i.e. Valentine, Bobby; Guillen, Ozzie
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