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Re: Classic monsters return (spoilers)

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Plus it's been so overdone now with Moffat (the Silurian and Sontran allys of the Doctor, and the daleks have by far lost their edge since series 5.)
Well, the Silurians were always portrayed as a noble people who had as much right to the planet as we do, and as a species that the Doctor was always trying to work with to find a peaceful solution. The recurring thread in all the Silurian stories was that there were peacemakers and warmongers on both sides, and unfortunately it was always the warmongers who won, up until "Cold Blood."

But maybe this version of bad turning good might be better.
Just to be clear, the Peladon serials are not specifically about the Ice Warriors. They're just one of multiple featured alien races.

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Also, in the first Ice Warriors Story, they weren't necessarily villains or evil. They were scared and made poor Xenophobic choices out of mistrust. The Seeds of Death, however, yea, that one makes it clear they are indeed bad guys.
Good point. It's worth noting that all four classic Ice Warrior stories, including the two Peladon serials, were written by the same person, Brian Hayles. So it's not like it was some new writer introducing a retcon; it was their creator adding more depth to them.
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