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Re: S.S. Valiant Appearance

Some small progress. I wasn't happy with the shape of the outer surface of the ring so I played with it and made it simpler to keep it more in keeping with my overall idea. You can also see some detail I've added to the inside surface of the ring on both the port and starboard sides. My thinking behind the form of that particular detail was vague but I wanted some visual connection with the similar detail on the main hull. Whereas the part on the main hull is generally convex I made the corresponding detail on the inside of the ring concave. It vaguely looks like they could actually fit together (which they can't physically) but perhaps there is some form of energy transfer between them---somewhat analogous to the idea GR had that he considered trying to show some manner of energy activity between the nacelles. The other detail I've added so far is a small component on the upper side of the bow. I thought of this as the navigational laser emitters. Whatever the navigational deflector can't sweep aside the lasers automatically fire to destroy it or if the object is too big then the ship will veer away while alerting the crew.

Other details I'm planning to add are a deep space telescope housing and a long range communications antenna as well as some bits and pieces to give the hull a bit more visual texture.
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