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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

These are available at my site,

The 67's - My 'remix' of The 37's, with the unfrozen types being a bombastic superspy and his equally over-the-top nemesis--both played by Mike Myers.

Academy Drop-Out - Song-Filk of 'Beauty School Drop-Out' from Grease; Be'lanna is serenaded by a Starfleet legend-hope she survives his singing.

Along The Way (Novel) The crew of the USS Voyager meet the Space Family Robinson!

Backwater - Voy/Toho Pictures; Why Is The Delta Quadrant So Fractious?

Bodhisatva Voy-AU, Chakotay and Paris; The two officers talk over Janeway's dismissiveness, and Chakotay reveals their true duties on Voyager Setting a short but indeterminate time after Tom's demotion.

Boiled In Their Own Pudding - In short, the Mid-S7 Crew suffers every bad Christmas you've ever had

Braxton Loses It - Drabble

Buried With A Stake Of Holo - A short sequel to 'Pudding', but relating to a TNG-AU

A Certain Subgenre - Trash Video takes its toll..

Chakotay's Lament - Humorous Drabble

Cruise Control - Humorous Drabble

Delta Sloane - Short Humor wherein our man from S31 pays a visit--and then he just pays...

Delta Veritas - Actually set on Bajor, as Kira uses knowledge gleaned from Voyager to keep part of a promise to one she held dear.

Ensign Stephens - Original Version - Is Janeway dealing with an incompetent crewman---or a victim
of circumstance? And why is Tom Paris in the home of Darrin&Samantha Stephens from Bewitched?

Ensign Stephens MiSTed - Bill Livingston kindly skewered my XOver, and here is the result, with Mike, the Bots and the Mads ready to make savage fun of me.

Ensign Stephens - Revised
This time, I took Bill Livingston's MSTing and remixed some of the
comments and cracks made by Mike, Tom, and Crow into the story itself,
leaving it much improved, if only in IMHO.

Episode Exchange 1 - 'Where No Man' is placed in other ST series

Four Afield - Four Captains become.... (Drabble)

Gamma Death, Delta Life - The imprisoned, broken Maquis gain hope

G*F*A* - An adaptation of the series finale to M*A*S*H, albeit set on Voyager

The Giving - A drabble that has Janeway's Mark making a noble choice

Go, Delta Flyer! - Song Filk, mixing the events of 'Extreme Risk' with the song from the musical 'Grease' called 'Greased Lightning'; The Maelon have some great technology--but they are nowhere near as cool as Tom Paris. They just don't have a rock and roll heart.

Help Me, Annika - Song Filk of 'Help Me, Rhonda' by The Beach Boys
Chakotay's broken heart and shattered ego need an infusion of nanoprobes from a California Girl who's never even been there!

Herbert, Orson, and Neelix - Humor & Halloween, based on a certain 1938 Broadcast; Neelix decides to add some dash to his daily report on the Earth holiday known as Halloween--but will it be all the rage--or cause a panic? Stay Tuned!

I Resemble That Revision - ENT/Voy; Its Midnight at The 'Oasis'..see anyone you know?

If Jack Benny Wrote ST: Voyager - Now Cut That Out!

Impact - Coda to 'Blink Of An Eye' ; Voyager's presence impacted the world below them in many ways. Among them was its mass media. Witness three stories reflecting that impact.

Just One More Random Thought... - A remix with a certain 70's TV Detective known to Ms. Mulgrew; The Mari wish to punish Belanna for her thoughts; But the obnoxious man in the trenchcoat has other ideas.

Kes to the X Power - An AU look at Kes's fate after The Gift

Kes to the X2 Power
A sequel to 'Kes To The X Power', natch.

Kilmanin - Coda To Fairhaven and Spirit Folk; The Voyager crew are now known and accepted quantities in the holographic town of Fairhaven. But one great mystery remains......

Kombat Trek - Just some fun

Long-Distance Caller - Very Odd Bedfellows

Memories - Tuvok and Spock, Coda To 'Homestead'; Tuvok elicits a response from the Ambassador.

Mindset - Drabble; The middle of 'Basics, Part One'; A fictionalized reaction to the events of September 11, 2001 - It takes a certain sort to do the unthinkable.

The Needy Rebellion - A sequel to 'Gamma Death, Delta Life'

Nicked ; Voy/TNG - Tom Paris Doesn't Get Angry...

Nicked Again!

The Nightmare Continues - Buffy/VOY, Humorous X-Over After S2 'Projections'
Like Redjac on TOS, some evils can never be put down...even when they make no sense whatsoever.

No Reply - Drabble, Coda to Episode 'Fury', Paris & Neelix
Tom and Neelix are bummed, and quickly figure out why.

The Odd Conversation - Seven Seeks Advice.....

Pecking Order - After being driven away by Janeway in 'Scientific Method', a certain experimenting species is bitter as hell. But the day has only begun....

Priorities (Drabble, Post-EG) Admiral Paris quickly boards the returned Voyager---but why?

Pun-ishment 4
Pun-ishment 16
Pun-ishment 26

If you read this series, be fond of 'groaner' humor. You are warned.

Recalibration - M*A*S*H situation/Voy setting; This is the MASH episode, "Period Of Adjustment" taken and set to Voyager. "POA" is the episode after Radar's departure, in which the little guy's absence sets off problems.

The Six O'Clock Alarm Would Never Ring - Ro Laren Misses The Boat

Six Steps
AU; All 5 ST series, plus one more semi-related one.
Sometimes, you should question even your good fortune....

Staff Meeting - Humorous Drabble/Coda to 'Unimatrix Zero'
Acting Captain Chakotay and staff let off a little steam.....

Stop Me If You've Heard This One - Cadet Torres Meets.....?

Talking-To - Humor Drabble
Janeway dresses down a recalcitrant crew member.

Where Every Fury Knows Your Name - Lets take the unintentionally laughable 'Fury' and give it to some familiar folks in Boston....

You're Gonna Make It (Home) After All - What if Janeway and her crew were subbed with Mary Richards and her pals? Ohhhhhh, Chakotay!
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