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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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The Cubs intentionally walked Yuni Betancourt today.

I'm sorry but I wasn't sold on Sveum when we hired him last year and nothing he did last season really demonstrated that the team was on the right track.
I generally think Sveum is a pretty decent manager, but ... man, giving fucking Yuni an IBB is cause for an immediate head examination.

I guess a Tampa Bay esque strategy of completely sucking and getting a few years of top daft picks to eventually get a cheap, talented core that can compete is a strategy.... just not one I want to watch particularly.
It was pretty much the only strategy the Cubs could implement, to be fair. Hendry saddled the team with so much bad money (Soriano, Marmol's contract, should have sold high on Castro) and spent a decade destroying the farm system; when Epstein and Hoyer came aboard, they didn't have much of a choice but to ride out two or three really awful seasons as they rebuilt the team.
To be fair... Hendry did exactly what he was hired to do. There was a "win now" mentality that the office and Tribune company seemed to embrace and he did everything he could do to make it happen. He made the big trades, signed the big players, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. He did get 3 division titles from 2003-2011. Which... is more than any other recent GM of the organization can say.
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