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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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no it won't a fountain of youth is useless in a war as all the de-aging in the world doesn't stop a phaser set on kill or what ever the Dominion uses.
Watch the movie again. Dougherty and Crusher both stated it would provide countless medical advances... like say Geordi's eyes regenerating... even without the age mumbo jumbo.

Why wouldn't the Son'a just take their particles and tell the federation to suck it?
The context I got is the collector's gonna be over that planet gathering particles for this stuff indefnitely, applying them to scientific purposes once gathered. If they tell the Feds to "suck it" as you oh so eloquently suggest, they lose their supply.

No their not they are providing the Dominion with a necessary component of their war machine how the hell is that being neutral?
By that logic you would approve Germany's use of unrestricted submarine warfare in both world wars? All neutral means is you're not in the fighting. Franco termed it "non-belligerent" during World War 2 and even though he was openly supporting the Axis, providing men to fight in German uniform, the Allies left him alone.
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