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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

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Forget that characterization stuff. Lots of explosions and boobies will definitely make a future show a big hit.
So...Exploding Boobies is the way to go now?

And would those be "Hot Alien Babe" TOS-Style Boobies or Lost in Space-Style "Dunder Headed Boobies"?
Dunno, because of the rest of my quote that was overlooked:
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Seriously, though, I'm inclined to think a new Trek show will have a smaller cast of main characters (4 to 5), with other positions filled in with reoccurring characters when a story requires them. Under that scenario, a tighter focus on the main characters will be kinda unavoidable, IMO, especially with the TNG, VOY, & ENT style of storytelling being over with Rick Berman's departure.
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